What is Our Process?

You may start by running a quote or just contacting us by phone or e-mail. A licensed insurance representative will respond to you quickly by phone and/or e-mail. Please note that there is never a charge for our services. In order to best serve you with the life insurance carrier fit for YOU, please be prepared to answer a few medical questions such as :
   • Your height and weight
   • Tobacco use history
   • Blood pressure
   • Cholesterol
   • Prescription drug history
   • Immediate family medical history
If you have heart, diabetes, or a cancer history, please share with us the date of diagnosis, and the treatments, and your current condition. If you take any medication to help keep your condition under control, please also share this information with us. You may not always be eligible for the lowest price quoted. It is very important to disclose fully your information with us so that we can advise you properly. This information will not be shared without your authorization. We take privacy very seriously.

Many life insurance companies utilize either a ‘quick ticket’ online format where we only ask a minimal amount of questions over the phone, and then the carrier follows up with an additional phone call to complete the online life insurance application. Your paramedical exam is normally scheduled at this time. Typically this is the quickest and easiest way to process your life insurance application.

Many carriers prefer a ‘long app’ or full paper application. In this case, we will conduct the phone interview with you and follow up with either electronic signatures, or we will have to provide you the paperwork to be completed with signatures.

Depending on your age and the amount of death benefit you are applying for, a paramedical exam will be scheduled at your convenience and preferred at your preferred location. We ask that this is scheduled quickly. A morning appointment and a good night rest typically provides the best results. We will advise you how to prepare for your exam. Typically blood is drawn and a urine sample is requested, along with your build, blood pressure, and sometimes a portable EKG is taken. If you are concerned about taking blood, please tell us right away so that we can provide other options that you are more comfortable with.

Often times medical records may need to be ordered for the insurance company to review your history in order to make a medical offer for your coverage. We do our best to expedite this process, however,  should we need your assistance in obtaining these records, we will contact you to step in.

Once a medical offer is made by the insurance company, we will review this offer, and you will either accept or decline coverage.

If the medical offer is the same or better than what we applied for,  we will issue and deliver the policy to you and accept payment to place the policy in force.

What happens if my policy is approved worse than I applied for?

Unfortunately, we do our best in avoiding this situation, however, with your authorization we have the ability to use the medical information collected and apply with another quality life insurance carrier that could approve you at a better rate.

Often times during the medical underwriting process, a medical concern is discovered that we were not aware of or anticipated,  such as weight difference on the insurance exam, lab work that shows concerns of cholesterol, or even high blood pressure. It’s very important that we understand upfront what issues could be uncovered. Again, your information stays with us, and is not disclosed with a life insurance carrier without your authorization.

If your medical issue cannot be improved with a better medical offer from the existing life insurance carrier, or another, we will lay out your options and advise you properly on how to proceed.

Rest assured, we know how important life insurance coverage is, and we want to make sure that you are insured properly and responsibly so that you can keep the promises to those that count on you the most.