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Jason W. Duke – Owner/Principal Broker

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Our goal is to provide consumers with resources, information, and the tools needed so they can make an educated decision on what product is best for them.

Duke Insurance Solutions has been assisting individuals, families, seniors, and small businesses in finding affordable insurance since 2004.

Take advantage of working with our local & experienced insurance professionals. As a free service to you, we can guide you through all of the changes in major medical health insurance plans. Making us your personal HR.

In many cases, we’re helping people improve their health benefits including dental, vision, and life insurance coverage all while saving money!

Insurance Made Easy

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It’s time to prepare for the biggest Coverage Event since the Affordable Care Act began. Starting April 1st, millions of people will already be or will become eligible for ACA plans on the Marketplace. Early numbers show at least 2.7 million people who are coming off Medicaid (state assisted insurance) will be eligible for subsidized health plans, 1.7 million will qualify for $0 dollar cost premium plans.
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